Travel Bucket List

Hey !

We all have a bucket list of things we'd love to do. I've decided to write here my "travel bucket list", with all of the places where I'd like to go, or things travel related I want to do !

What's yours ? Do you have any ? Please share and let's compare, I might add a lot of stuff to mine :)

  • See the polar lights,
  • Visit Scotland and its amazing landscapes (I am a big fan of the Outlander books),
  • Do a real Road Trip,
  • Celebrate a Thanksgiving and experience a Black Friday in New York,
  • Live as a local (and work) in another country than my own,
  • Celebrate Saint Patrick's day in Ireland,
  • Visit all of the European countries,
  • Go to Iceland,
  • Experience WWOOFing,
  • Go on a last minute unplanned trip,
  • Visit the 6 continents (4/6),
  • Go to Canada,
  • Celebrate a Mardi Gras in New Orleans,
  • Visit The Wave in Arizona,
  • Eat a hot-dog in New York (also want to try bagels, pizza, burgers and very healthy food there),
  • See the Fireflies Festival in India,
  • Leaving on an impulse,
  • Celebrate Chinese new year in Singapore / China,
  • Visit Japan,
  • Do the 66 road,
  • See the Grand Canyon,
  • Go to the Yosemite Park,
  • Visit Egypt,
  • Celebrate Holi and Diwali in India,
  • See some Agra bears,
  • Volunteer in any country other than my own (I already volunteered for WWF France),
  • Eventually settle in another country than France.

Here it is for now ! Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts about my bucket list and add your own !

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