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Hi, everyone !
My name is Coralie, I am french and I do love to travel. I am trying to visit as many places as possible and trying to experience tourism more as a local than as a regular tourist the best I can. I am fond of photography too, so I felt like sharing my discoveries and experiences might be interesting !

I am also a big foodie, so don't be surprised, to read posts dedicated to food, food tours, food markets, nice spots to eat, etc... !

I had the idea of creating this blog when I had the opportunity to go to India to work for the travel agency India Someday for 6 months. I thought it would be interesting to share my journey as a foreigner over there. As I am in love with so many places, I didn't want to dedicate this blog only to India but to a lot of great places around the world where I had the chance to go !

I have a background of bartender, manager, graphic designer, photograph, community manager and I was handling the french market for the travel agency India Someday while in India, I was also writing and translating some blog posts for them. I also have another blog for more than three years now. Yes, I am a bit a Jack of all trades and hopefully not a master of none! I just love to experience different things and do not want to limit myself to do only one thing in my life.

English is not my mother tongue, and I basically learned it by myself, please forgive my mistakes and don't hesitate to correct me if needed. Why writing a blog in english then ? Well, I do love the idea that I can share my stories with more people, I love to practise my english, and more importantly, most of my friends do not speak french so they could not understand what I would say if I was writing in french.

For my pictures, I use a Canon EOS 1100D with a 18-55 mm lense (unfortunately I own only this one for now, but hopefully I will add more to my collection), I also love lomography, I don't think I'll post some of these pics here, but who knows ? I sometimes take pics with my phone which is an iPhone 4S. I edit my pictures on lightroom and sometimes on InDesign, if i want to add text, etc...

All pics are taken by unless specified. All content including photos and text on frenchieglobetrotter.blogspot.com are for frenchieglobetrotter.blogspot.com use ONLY. If you are interested in using any of my work, photos, etc... please email me at frenchieglobetrotter@gmail.com.

About Me

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